Beginning of a New Year

So, I told myself I was going to try to write at least once a week or every two weeks. But life happened, as it often does. SO, updating now. Changed my blog name to something a little more general. Something more me, I guess. So anywho… At the beginning of this month I celebrated my fourth wedding anniversary. I celebrated it as I do when my husband is deployed, by eating junk food and watching Big Bang Theory 🙂

People ask me questions when they hear my husband is deployed. I don’t mind. I like answering their questions, because it helps people understand a little better what life is like in the military. I know everyone’s experience is different, but I give them my perspective the best I can. Here are the biggest questions:

How do you deal with deployments?

I think of it like a long business trip. He has to go away for work and when he’s done, he’ll come home.

Is it hard? Do you get lonely?

Yes. It can be very hard, but you try your best to stay busy; pick up hobbies, read books, watch movies, etc. Anything to keep your mind off of what he’s doing. You can’t think about it or else you’ll just worry yourself to death and it makes for a VERY long deployment. As far as loneliness, yes everyone gets lonely. The first deployment I lived with a girl friend of mine who also had a boyfriend who was deployed and so that made for a great support system. This deployment I have my daughter to look after and we are staying with my parents so my daughter has the opportunity to be close to family and I have their support. I miss my husband every day, but again I know he’ll be home as soon as he can. Some people need someone with them; they can’t be alone. There’s nothing wrong with that, everyone is different. But I don’t need someone, I need him. I am a penguin. So when he’s on a “business trip” there are little things I do to help with the loneliness. I move the bed against the wall so I don’t have that tugging feeling that someone’s suppose to be sleeping on the other side. We get into a schedule of skyping and facebook chatting when he has down time. Then this is where the hobbies, books, and movies come in handy 🙂

So that in a nut shell is how I deal with deployments and what-not. Yes, I have my days where everything seems to go wrong and gets to be overwhelming. I deal with it the way any normal girl would. I cry, throw my little fit, then I move on. As I said before, I don’t mind the questions. I’m happy to answer them. But from time to time I see a certain look on people’s faces when they think about me being alone with a young child while my husband is overseas. It’s the look of pity. Be thankful for what my husband does, but please don’t pity me. I knew what my husband’s job entailed when we got married. It can be a hard life, but I am proud of what he does and wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world.

Until next time, Nighty night all.



First Post…

I guess I’ll just start out by telling a bit about myself…

I’m married, my husband and I have been married almost four years now. My husband is a sergeant  in the army and is currently deployed. We have a daughter, she’s 19 months and the light of our lives. I’m a stay at home mom. We have the financial means that allow me to do so, so I took the opportunity. As you can tell by my blog name, I love glitter. It makes me happy and I think it makes almost anything just a little prettier. I love anything sparkly, pink, or Hello Kitty. Basically if you see something and would deem it overly obnoxious, I would probably love it. But I’m also incredibly sarcastic and at times have a dark sense of humor which not a lot of people get. Anything I write will most likely be intended to be funny. So please don’t take anything I say on here too seriously. If you’re easily offended, my blog is NOT for you.

This blog is an outlet for me to talk about life, share a good book or movie I’ve seen, or just ramble. If you’re interested, that’s great. If not, that’s fine too.