First Post…

I guess I’ll just start out by telling a bit about myself…

I’m married, my husband and I have been married almost four years now. My husband is a sergeant  in the army and is currently deployed. We have a daughter, she’s 19 months and the light of our lives. I’m a stay at home mom. We have the financial means that allow me to do so, so I took the opportunity. As you can tell by my blog name, I love glitter. It makes me happy and I think it makes almost anything just a little prettier. I love anything sparkly, pink, or Hello Kitty. Basically if you see something and would deem it overly obnoxious, I would probably love it. But I’m also incredibly sarcastic and at times have a dark sense of humor which not a lot of people get. Anything I write will most likely be intended to be funny. So please don’t take anything I say on here too seriously. If you’re easily offended, my blog is NOT for you.

This blog is an outlet for me to talk about life, share a good book or movie I’ve seen, or just ramble. If you’re interested, that’s great. If not, that’s fine too.


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